UK Launch new blood test for prostate cancer

MDNA Life Sciences has announced that its Mitomic Prostate Test is now available in the UK for clinical use following a launch by Aspire Pharma.

The MPT is considered as the world’s most accurate blood test in determining whether a man does or does not have prostate cancer that will require a form of treatment. The test works by taking advantage of the distinctive characteristics of mutations in mitochondrial DNA as biomarkers which can signify existing clinically significant prostate cancer.


  • A clinical study has found that the MPT biomarker has a higher than 99% negative predictive value. This means that men with a negative MPT result are highly unlikely to have clinically significant prostate cancer. Once this result is determined there is little requirement for further testing
  • The MPT has a 92% sensitivity. The outcome of which means men with a positive result are referred for immediate medical assistance
  • Prostate cancer testing is heavily reliant on measuring PSA levels at present, and this can give false-positive results – the MPT however, can help reduce the number of prostate biopsies by up to 30%


The test will be available privately and carried out by private healthcare clinics. All testing and results reporting will take place in HMR Labs in London. Aspire Pharma, a partner of MDNA, are actively working with the NHS on longer term plans to make these blood test more accessible and widely available. In addition, it will cut a lot of costs for the health system whilst reducing stress for many men.

Harry Smart, MDN Life Sciences chairman confirmed, “In parallel with the launch of MPT in the private health sector, plans are under way to make it available in the NHS.”


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